Iluka Vets golf

Tuesday May 11 was a medley Stableford sponsored by Ligouri Kent and Kate Brims and 25 players took to the course.

Barry Brims was crowned winner with 34; 1st r/up – Neil Grady 33; 2nd r/up – Paul Maclean 32 c/b.

NTP’s:1/10 K. Wilson 6/12; Barry Brims 8/17 S. Bond. The Roy Ellery NTP went to Peter Ramsay. Ball run down to 30 . The Barry Robbie Mars bar went to Peter Boulton.

Raffle draws: #1 John Learn; #2 Brian Kay. Draw of cards: Paul Mitchell.

Next weeks event is a medley Stableford sponsor Jim Cazalet.


Emma Mills