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The museum is home to many local treasures, including the brass bell from the iconic vessel SS Induna. Image: Emma Pritchard

Housing our local history

Emma Pritchard


There are more than 1200 community history and heritage societies across Australia who collectively maintain, and share, the precious mementoes of the past with the generations of today.

Secretary of Schaeffer House Museum Robin Schaeffer is a descendent of the original property owners and volunteers three days a week. Image: Emma Pritchard

Located at 190 Fitzroy Street, Grafton, in the former home of the regional city’s first architect, Schaeffer House Museum, lovingly and diligently managed by the devoted volunteers of the Clarence River Historical Society (CRHS), is enriched with the physical treasures and memorabilia of First Nations peoples, along with the early European settlers and their descendants, who have proudly called the Clarence Valley home through the years.

When you step through the doors of Schaeffer House Museum, you step back in time. Image: Emma Pritchard

Since 1931, the CRHS has embodied an impressive and culturally significant collection which is an illustrious legacy of the local region, and of immerse national importance as well, and their volunteers are the faithful caretakers of the early chapters in our ongoing story.

When visitors walk through the doors of Schaeffer House Museum, they step into the past, and are afforded a rare and intricate view of bygone eras, and moments in history which will never be repeated.

The significant contributions of prominent historical figures including Sir Earl Page, James Fowler Wilcox, and Conrad Wagner, are alive and thriving within Schaeffer House Museum, their personal artefacts permanently and perfectly preserved and on public display within the walls of the heritage listed building.

Schaeffer House Museum is a popular local attraction. Image: Emma Pritchard

Rooms are thoughtfully arranged to enable disabled access, and each one boasts a spectacular array of exhibits.

President of the CRHS Steve Tranter is extremely proud of Schaeffer House Museum, and the loyal and faithful team of volunteers who work hard together to ensure the door remains open, and the history remains within reach of Clarence Valley residents and tourists alike.

The precise value of the vast historical collection is incalculable, and the ongoing efforts of the CRHS volunteers in maintaining its presence is priceless, but between 1-4pm each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday afternoon, $2 for children, $5 for adults, and $12 for a family, will provide admission to one of the most beautifully decorated and socially significant organisations in the country, while promoting the expansive tourism of the area.

New volunteers who can readily fill a variety of roles including research officers and assistants, exhibition designers, museum guides, membership officers, curators, and librarians are always welcome to join the CRHS, and provide an inspirational contribution to their local community.

For more information, please contact the CRHS on 6642 5212.