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Horsin’ around at Lawrence Museum

Along with a gorilla, zebra and giant koala, Lawrence Museum’s latest acquisition made its way down Pacific Highway from Queensland to Ferry Park.

Curious onlookers at Ferry Park watched as the horse was transferred to a waiting truck, to be taken to his new home at Lawrence Museum. Even more curious onlookers looked twice, as the apparently free standing horse on the back of the truck, made its way down Lawrence Road and across the ferry.

Museum volunteers welcomed the new arrival, as the truck pulled into the museum driveway.

“We have waited a long time for this horse,” said Roz Jones, “The Museum has a fine example of a 1900’s sulky, which was donated by the late Coral Ensbey. We are restoring the sulky and we want to display it with horse in harness. But we were unsuccessful with grant applications.”

John Ibbotson was visiting one day for an update on Lawrence Museum’s “piece” of the old Sportsmans Creek Bridge.

John explained, “Roz showed me a beautifully restored 1900 buggy, which was owned by the Ensbey family. She added that all they needed for it was a horse.

After negotiating that there would also be an “oats bucket” for the horse, a deal was struck.

The horse, a fine and elegant specimen appropriate for the task, has now arrived.

But Roz hasn’t been able to find a genuine old oats bucket yet, so if you happen to have one, I’m sure Roz and the horse would be delighted.”

The horse was supplied from Natureworks at Highvale, Qld.

Roz added, “We are very appreciative of this donation, and hope it will be a great attraction when the horse and sulky are harnessed together.”

At the moment the horse is safely stabled, until he goes on display.