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At Happy Paws, we are getting inundated with surrenders as life starts to return to as normal, as it will ever be for the community at large.

We have a waiting list of animals waiting to come into Happy Paws, we can’t take them all. Touch wood none of our adoptions have come back as yet and hopefully our process will stand-up to the test. In the last month we have had about 20 dogs surrendered and eight kittens, we are now full! We are still staying within our own guidelines of no more than 60 cats and kittens, we are at 57 and know more than 45-50 dogs and we are at 47 including my own dogs. We are determined that we will continue to operate in balance space, resources, volunteer time etc.

We are still looking for help! We are looking for people who are semi retired or similar, and who have a passion for animals. In the longer term we will need a leader to take over from me. In the shorter term we are restructuring. We need people who have team management, leadership and business development skills to help me build a team who will take ownership of building and implementing a strategic plan for Happy Paws.

We do not have any people on our team who are able to focus on the fundraising component for Happy Paws Haven, the phoenix is rising from the ashes from the past, from those who tried very hard to put us down through social media etc. The people we are looking for must have the passion to continue to develop Happy Paws Haven to be sustainable and to grow. We need people with various skills such as marketing, fund raising, help us recondition our kennels and catteries.

Gut the managers house so it becomes the admin and training center. We want to be known for our animal rehabilitation, the importance of lifestyle, training, enrichment and time. We want to offer a place where the general public can bring their dog or cat with issues and to learn with the animal how to resolve the issues. We would also like to be able to offer some accommodation for the people with their animals so they can be with their animals on the journey. Maybe build a day play centre for dogs to do some simple tracking and scent work, swim in a dam etc.

mental stimulation and socialization activities, thus bringing something new to the Clarence Valley. People might like to stay and help for a short period and experience what happens at a sanctuary such as Happy Paws Haven. These are only ideas which need to be explored to see what is feasible. We have the land, the space but we need the people to help us not only to generate funds to be sustainable also to build on what we have already achieved.

We desperately need help with the animals especially the dogs. We also urgently need of some handy people as well to help us renovate the dog cabins and cattery, this is really urgent. Cuddling and playing with the animals is compulsory! There are all sorts of things that need to be done…And every bit of help counts! Come and visit to see what we do!  Come and help us with the animals and/or fundraising for their care!

We urgently need more help with the maintenance of the facilities,  the second dog yard has been completed now but the cabin needs refurbishing, the other dog cabins and yards need work done, a shed to build, the cattery to fix up and the outside enclosure to finish. We still need to go through each yard, fix all the cabins including their ventilation systems and fence stays. There is a lot of work to be done! Please come and help us, bring your family and friends to help too!

We need to find someone to represent the volunteers, assist in their skill training and help us to recruit volunteers with the skills we need. Please spread the word as we really do need your help!. Again we need help, any contribution large and small, everything counts. People can contribute either by volunteering their time or donating towards these projects through PayPal using our email address or via our bank, the Bendigo Community Bank in South Grafton BSB 633000, Account 130786031 and our account name is Happy Paws Haven Inc. All donations over $2 are tax deductible! Thank you!. We are an ACNC endorsed registered charity! Our ABN is 79928920087, CFN 23496

Rescues and surrenders

We are trying to limit the number of animals being rescued as you know! Our restrictions are not only financial but also due to vet availability. We are restricting our capacity to keep our numbers down due to Covid-19 and the impact on our donations. Our numbers in care are being carefully maintained. We have closed the doors as we are full. We are only taking animals in crisis.

Cats and kittens for adoption this week:

We get all cats vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. We have adopted out well over 1200 cats over the last 12 years and only a very very small percentage having developed any illness as a result of the change in environment but now we are being extremely careful. All our animals are micro-chipped, immunized and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. Our Rehoming number is R251000043.

Thunder arrived after just having a litter with three kittens. She is the eternal mum. A few days after she arrived a box of five kittens were handed in without a mum to feed and look after them so we gave them to Thunder and she looked after them without a blink of an eyelid. Cleaning and feeding straight away. After she was desexed and her kittens were 12 weeks old we separated her from them. She just cried and cried as did the eight kittens. We put her in the kitten house to be with her family and lo and behold she became mum to everyone there. She is such a lovely caring young female, a beautiful role model for them all. When she gets sick of them she gets on top of a cupboard for a rest. She has now been moved to Cattery 1 and she is very happy to been able to rest without the kittens surrounding her. Everyone is very content. She is a lovely affectionate oriental mum who would love to snuggle up with you when either working on the computer or relaxing while watching TV. Thunder is a really lovely affectionate cat. She is desexed immunised microchipped and has been regularly treated for parasites. (941000021622094)

Chika came to us with the name Gloom, but she was not a gloomy cat all, cheeky, vocal, affectionate, oriental looking. She is just gorgeous girl. She can be demanding and she will came and help herself to your lap. We changed her name to something that was feminine oriental young petite flower, the Japanese given name of Chika. This suits her beautifully as that is exactly what she is! Like all our wonderfully cats here, she is immunised, micro chipped and de-sexed, and regularly treated for worms and fleas. (991003000593878)

My name is Sander, my brother, sister and I were found in the bush without our mother, some nice people looked high and low for her but she could not be found anywhere so we were bought to this nice place called Happy Paws Haven, where we met some other kittens with our carer, which has been great fun. We have places to hide, things to climb and lots of toys and balls to play with. We are normal playful affectionate kittens looking for a forever home. My sister and I are now 7-8 month old and would love a family to play with too! We have been vaccinated, microchipped immunised and treated regularly for all the normal parasites. (991003000593863)

Dogs for adoption for this week:

We get all dogs vet checked prior to adoption to make sure that we comply to the standards required by any pet shop. All our animals are microchipped, immunised and desexed as soon as possible after they arrive. All dogs are also tested to make sure that they do not have heart worm. We have rescued and adopted out well over 1300 dogs over the last 12 years. Our Rehoming number is 251000043.

Axel was surrendered as his owner was homeless, trying to find somewhere to live with her daughter and her young dog. Axel is well trained and like all young dogs wants to run and play, he needs space and something to do, he is a working dog (not necessarily one on a farm). He would make an excellent agility partner as he is super active and fast on his feet. He wants to please his owner but should not be left to his own devices while his owner is at work as he will get bored, he is an extremely smart young man. He is desexed, chipped and up to date with his parasite control and vaccinations. (982000410612189)

Mitchos came with his brother as the last of a litter of pups at seven months old. We kept them together while they got their vet work done and settled in our environment. Goku has gone to a lovely home. Mitchos is learning to respond to humans, to feel how good it is to be stroked especially when he does as asked. He is a beautiful male, with lovely nature and would make really good family pet providing he is a part of the family not just left outside. He is smart and energetic young man so would love to be trained for one of the dog sports such as scenting, tracking or obedience. (985141002399656)

Sparky is a handsome young greyhound retired very early from racing. He has a lovely black coat with white tips on his toes and his chest, who loves to please. Sparky came to us a little shy with people but once he gets to know you he comes to greet you little a long lost friend. He loves his zoomies in the mornings when we let them out to play and when it starts to cool down late afternoon. He is happy to relax in the meantime and to keep you company on the couch at night. Sparky is happy with other dogs his size, gentle with children and can be a real couch potato. Sparky cannot be trusted at all with small dogs cats or rabbits, he can spot a mouse or rat a mile away, go for it and win. He is still young so still needs the opportunity to run round a yard and play when he wants! He has been immunised, micro-chipped, de-sexed, wormed, heart worm treated and de-flead too. (956000005417971)

HappyPaws Haven is open seven days a week for animal adoptions. Phone: Sally on 0419 404 766 or 6644 9936 seven days a week, email Sally on or visit HappyPaws at

Sally Rogers