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The ‘meteorite’ display for Education Week created international interest. Image: contributed

Gulmarrad goes global

After a recent newspaper article it became clear that Gulmarrad Public School had hit the headlines around the world! 

The culmination of Education Week saw the staff work very hard to create a unique and exciting writing opportunity for the whole school. Parents and students gathered in the morning to amaze at the ‘meteorite’ that had landed in the school playground. Excited conversations began immediately. It was instantly clear that the students were completely engaged with the thought that something out of the ordinary had occurred in our little town!

After working hard to write and present creative pieces the students went about the rest of their day, continuing to marvel at the possibilities of the landing and wondering what would occur as the weekend approached.

What would happen to the large rock? Could we move it? Was the area safe? 

It was such a great day and a wonderful learning experience which was highlighted in a published article in the Clarence Valley Independent including a photo of a group of surprised students examining the rock from afar.

Little did the staff realise that their efforts to create an engaging activity would generate interest from as far away as California USA. We are amazed that we have been recognised around the world.

We are so proud of our whole school community for the effort and commitment displayed during Education Week.

We loved watching our students excel in the Premier’s Debating Challenge, Premier’s Spelling Bee and Chess competition. The highlight for everyone was definitely finishing the week with the exciting writing task. 

Keep an eye out for the next thrilling event at Gulmarrad Public School. You never know what will be ‘landing’.

Colleen Cooper