Grafton Swim Club first event for 2021

Club members experienced ideal conditions for the first swim of 2021 – the water was refreshing, and the weather conditions were perfect.

Numbers were down a little due to some lucky members still being able to manage extended holidays, but those present were ready to race and this was never more evident than when the Stephen Donnelly Explosive cup final was held.

An all-male line up consisting of John Wainwright, Gary Dixon, Richard Sear and Doug Ensbey were on the blocks for this final and when all swimmers were only 15 metres into the race it would have been a judge’s nightmare to try and separate them. This tight knit formation carried through right to the finish and it was with baited breath that spectators waited for times to be called.

Eventually Doug was announced as the winner with Gary just .16 behind and Richard, although recording a slightly faster time than Gary was placed third.

In the 50m final Yvonne Shorrock was the only lady contender up against Terry Marsh, Geoff Simkus and David Moon.

David (always the backmarker) was the last to enter the water, giving away thirteen seconds start but it didn’t take too long for the field to bunch up and to once again create an exciting finish.

Marshy was given the judges nod for first with David second and Geoff third and a .07 margin was all that separated them.

The final event for the night was the 30m B B & B and reaching this final were Terry Marsh, Gary Dixon, Toni Ensbey and David Moon.

Marsh and Dixon were breast stroking, Ensbey was backstroking and Moon was doing butterfly.

This event was a little more spread out and easier to judge so when times were checked Gary was awarded first place with David second and Terry third.

Afterwards the monthly barbeque was held at the GDSC rotunda with all Covid rules being strictly observed and after eight months of this being a non event it was enjoyed immensely by those present.

Toni Ensbey