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Grafton Services Swim Club

A little bit of cool weather seemed to daunt all but the hardiest of members from taking a dip last week. Nevertheless, four heats were run and competitors were more than happy with the inside temperature. The Stephen Donnelly Explosive Cup was the first final to be tackled and it was great to see Andrew Madden on the blocks having just returned from a wonderful holiday overseas. Also lining up with Andrew were Richard Sear, Debbie Smith and Steve Donnelly. Debbie held the field at bay for the majority of the distance but was overtaken by a fast finishing Richard with Steve hot on his tail. The dreaded call of “ you’re gone” soon wiped the smile off these lads, but one competitor, namely Andrew, was extremely happy with his almost perfect time and accepted the prized cup. Debbie, swimming well within her nominated time received the points for second place. Captain Damien changed the format slightly in the next event, making the 50m race into a relay. Those qualifying for the final were Bob Owen swimming with Debbie Smith, Ian Goodman partnering Damien O’Mahony, Steve Donnelly with David Moon, and two of the clubs senior members Max Kroehnert swimming with Toni Ensbey. Toni and Max, understandably, took to the water first on handicap and it was quite some time before the other competitors took chase. By the time the second swimmer had taken off, the water in the pool was fairly churning and it was clear that the team of Ian and Marno were going to touch first. This they did, but with a break of nearly three seconds, were awarded the dreaded “D”. Next to arrive home were the well tuned pair of Steve and David, and with a time only .12 off nominated were guaranteed the win. Max and Toni were next home in second place, just pushing Debbie and Bob into third place by two seconds. The 25m B B & B final had all four swimmers backing up after the relay. Damien O’Mahony, Bob Owen, Toni Ensbey and Steve Donnelly were hoping for a slight delay in the start to allow them to regain some air but the starter was keen to get things moving and commenced proceedings promptly. Steve and Damien, proving that they were the fittest of the group, touched in that order and took first and second places, whilst Toni, swimming within her nominated time took third place. After the swim, everyone rugged up and enjoyed the monthly barbeque at the GDSC rotunda, with chefs Bruce and Tyler turning out their usual delights. Toni Ensbey