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Grafton Rifle Club

Peter Brown in Target Rifle, and John Black in F-Class both dropped just the one point for the day to give themselves the Grafton ShoppingWorld Butchery’s Off-Rifle Trophies in their respective disciplines, and both went on to claim the two Daily Aggregates as well. This shoot was the third round of the NSWRA Medal monthly competition, and the conditions were pretty reasonable, but patchy at times, with the dry but windy scuds passing over the range. Those that got one of these patches generally paid the penalty of the “luck of the draw”. Four “possibles” were produced on the day, with Peter Brown, Mathew Bloomer and Peter Nielsen scoring one each in the T/R division, while John Black produced one in F-Class. And two shooters decided to “pull up stumps” after their second stages began to fall apart. In T/R, Peter Nielsen (Optical) (12 V’s), and Nick Abrahall (10 V’s) came up with the top centre (V) count, while in F-Class, the honours were shared by Dennis Hilton and Tony O’Keeffe with eight X’s each. T/R Scores: Peter Brown 50-1 49-6 99-7 1.0 100.0; Lester Robinson 48-1 48-1 96-2 3.0 99.0; Peter Nielsen 48-5 50-7 98-12 0.5 98.5; Nick Abrahall 49-4 49-6 98-10 0.5 98.5; Chris McKenzie 42-0 43-0 85-0 13.0 98.0; Rob Durrington 41-1 46-3 87-4 11.0 98.0; Mathew Bloomer 50-3 47-2 97-5 1.0 98.0; Ian Griffiths 47-1 5-0 52-1 2.5 54.5. F-Class Scores: John Black 59-2 60-4 119-6 2.0 121.0; Tony O’Keeffe 55-2 58-6 113-8 7.5 120.5; John Robertson 58-4 55-3 113-7 5.5 118.5; Mark Millard 54-2 54-1 108-3 7.5 115.5; Dennis Hilton 58-3 56-5 114-8 0.5 114.5; Nick DeBellis 53-3 55-1 108-4 5.5 113.5; John Stone 48-2 52-1 100-3 13.0 113.0; David Grundy 52-1 58-4 110-5 2.5 112.5; Scott Murdoch 46-1 51-3 97-4 9.5 106.5; Eli Grundy 50-0 ret. 50-0 7.0 57.0. John and Sue Bloomer missed the action here at Trenayr, while they are campaigning at the two day Goondiwindi Open Championships being fired over the weekend. News after the completion of the first day sees them well placed in the results lists. We wish them well in the gallop to the post, and a safe return to home base, and look forward to sharing in their adventures there, at next weekend’s turn-out here. This coming Saturday will not only be the fourth and final stage of the NSWRA Medal monthly competition, but the Grafton ShoppingWorld Butchery’s sponsored sausage sizzle fund raiser will be on from around mid-day and before the afternoon shoot. This is a “Gourmet Delight” not to be missed, so make sure you come hungry. The afternoon shoot commences at 1pm. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill, and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. Visitors and new shooters are always welcome. Anthony O’Keeffe