President of Grafton Ladies Golf, Margaret Rickwood, presenting a cheque to Jo Jo Newby, for drought relief raised by the Club. Image: Contributed

Grafton golf ‘Buy a Bale’

Grafton Golf Club, both men and women members, recently held a charity day and had a very large raffle to raise funds for the drought relief for ‘Buy a Bale’. The Club raised $1,281 and it has been presented to Jo Jo Newby and will go to help farmers who are really struggling. Last Wednesday 51 ladies played an 18 hole Stableford for a trophy donated by the Hope Chest. The winner was Shirley Avery with 36 points, on a c/b. The course was playing a little heavier, as the scores indicated, due to a shower of rain earlier in the week. Winner of Div 1 was Norma Carter with 35 points, r/up was Janette Blair, with 34 points on a c/b. Jen Townsend followed with 34 points. Winner of Div 2 was Del Burke with 36 points. Julie White was r/up on 35 points, on a c/b, from Marie Hayes, also on 35 points. Winner of Div 3 was Di Chapman on 35 points, r/up was Helen Hopwood with 34 points, on a c/b. She was closely followed by Liz Smith, also on 34 points. Almost as soon as we had completed our rounds of golf the weather changed. Friday saw seven brave ladies play in an 18 hole Stableford. It had rained lightly the night before, which was very much needed, and most ladies cancelled fearing that they could be drowned. However, the weather held and the seven ladies enjoyed fine weather for their round. Winner was Marianne Mannell with 34 points. Ball winners were Sonya Baker and Margaret Manahan, with a score of 28 on a c/b. The showers of rain certainly had an effect on the course and the scores reflected this. Since Friday it has rained continuously, which was much needed. It would be hoped that the course is benefitting from the steady rain, as it was very dry. As a result of the rain, the annual “Bone of Contention” match between Grafton and Sawtell has been called off for this year, and will be set down for play early in the New Year. Friday we play an 18 hole Stableford, which will be the final round of birdies, chip-in and eclectic competitions. There will also be WGNSW District Medal play off at Mullumbimby, for those who are in the lucky place of having won the Medal of Medals. Saturday girls will play an 18 hole Stroke, which is a play off for the Captain’s Trophy and the final round of the eclectic, chip-in and birdies. We should have a very good course for the Jacaranda Open on Friday 26. Ladies, we would love it if you could bring a plate for our many visitors we have on that day, so we can enjoy a large afternoon tea together. On the injured list are Sharon O’Grady and Shez Meyer. I hope that both ladies recover soon and will be back to golf. Marg Rickwood