Mark Walsh and Ken Evans played a great final of the Major Singles. Image: Contributed

GDSC Men’s Major Singles

A big week it has proven to be, with the final of the Major Singles, and a great game it was between two excellent players in Ken Evans and Mark Walsh. Ken got off to a flying start and although Mark kept coming at him, he was unable to real him in. There were some great bowls put down, with Mark regularly holding shots before Ken would drop in the big bowl and win the end. Congratulations to a deserved winner and commiserations to a gracious runner up. The Major Pairs is also in full swing with the first games being completed on Saturday. A Gough and T Lickiss were too strong at the end of a very good contest against the Woodwards, running away in the last 3 ends to win 22-16. D Barker and J Pie defeated G Maxted and K Landrigan 18-17 in and epic game which showed how cruel of a game bowls can be. Sleepy drew the winning shot with his last bowl before it fell out after a couple of seconds sitting there and eventually losing the measure because of it. In the other game that nearly went into the night, M Shorten and J Ryan went down to G Samuel and W McLeod 26-25 in an extra end. Wayne picked the kitty up and put it into the ditch to make 4 shots and tie the game up on the last end, and Jason was only a millimetre out from pulling off the game winner on his last bowl. Well played to all, and a special mention to Wayne the delay McLeod. Friday saw 44 players on the Greens enjoying some pleasant weather. Winners on the day were B Elder and M Juett, with the ever lucky A Gough and T Lickiss coming in as runners up whilst the Lucky Losers were the visitor M Raynes and I MacDonald. There were 6 resting touchers on the day but the LSR Smash Repairs prize was won by J Stacey with a very good time of 13:30. Wednesday saw a similar number of bowlers hit the Greens with an amazing number of seven resting touchers being recorded. Winners on the day were P Goratschow and A Knox with runners up going to B Rapley and B Gaarsted (who were too good for the scribe and his partner on the last end). Lucky Losers were M Andrews and this year’s Major Singles r/up M Walsh. L Newcomb was the first of the previously mentioned resting touchers, winning the LSR Smash Repairs prize with a time of 13:21. Tuesday nights TNT bowls are wrapping up for the first part of the year and a reminder that on the last Tuesday night (yes next Tuesday) bowls starts at 6 instead of 6:30 so make sure you (to quote the newest Life Member of the GDSC Men’s Bowling Club Reggie Robinson), get there early, drink plenty and stay late. Winners on the night were Awesome with Wanties coming in as runners up and Caldwells claimed the consolation prize. The Abbey Motel resting toucher was won by P Chessill with a time of 19:19 whilst there was a tie for the Clarence Valley Wholesalers resting toucher between D Savins and P Perkins at a time of 19:35. Once again thanks to our sponsors, GDSC, Men’s Bowls, XXXX, Clarence Valley Wholesalers and Abbey Motel. There is another Pennants trial this Saturday and more games in the pairs this Sunday so make sure you keep an eye on the board. Leith Basset