From the Grandstand


This week readers, I thought I would do you all a favour by giving a review of what are the top five selling sporting books at the moment. They are all priced around $30 and would make a great gift to those who sit in the grandstand. All books can be found at good (and bad) bookstores.

Let’s start with an apt title “Best seat in the house” which is an inside look at motor racing by racing enthusiast and recorder Neil Compton. He has spent most of his life either behind the wheel of a car or microphone. What I liked is that he has supported the likes of Dame Edna in one of those celebrity races or done serious work with Peter Brock in Bathurst.

The next book has a horse racing theme. Called “Chance” it is written by Andrew Rule who is a Walkley award winning journalist. There doesn’t appear to be one particular theme as it is a series of yarns about the romance of the racing life. He describes infamous plunges, maverick trainers and farrier miracles. He also describes himself as the confidant of heroes, billionaires, geniuses, scammers and bruisers of the racing world. Well qualified if you ask me. I wonder just how many times he describes someone as a ‘colourful racing identity’ (aka criminal).

The third book is “the Boys Club” written by Michael Warner. That phrase was used by former AFL supremo Andrew Demetriou when journalist were trying to get to him after one of the drug stories that developed at a Melbourne club. It was his way of deflecting criticism. Warner is an investigative journalist, and he gives us the inside story behind the power and politics of the AFL which is the richest and most powerful organisation in the land. The AFL is indeed the biggest sport in the land and this book lifts the lid on the scandals, secrets and deal making that goes on. At one stage he describes the organisation as having a bloated, chauvinistic and intimidatory reputation. Sounds just like the NRL for that matter. Should be a good read for any footy fan.

Next is another car racing book. Its all about the Supercars: Holden V Ford era and tracks the story from 1993 to 2020. The author Luke West has been the editor of muscle car magazine so I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about. It would be a good coffee table text as there are over 150 full colour photos as well as the profiles of twelve, star drivers, and it is hard cover.

Finally, there is “Blueprint” which is literally that; a blueprint on how to make your body bullet proof by way of complete resilience. It redefines what the human body can do and uses revolutionary medicine to achieve this 365-day turnaround. Author Ross Edgley is a former adventurer and basically an extreme fitness guru. Not for me I’m afraid.

Now if you do not want to buy any of these books, I’m sure Jacqui at the Yamba library is bound to get all five in. She and hubby Peter are mad sports fans.