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Flood damage to rail network opens opportunities for the broader community

Glenreagh Mountain Railway has been impacted by the recent flooding events. It has seen major damage to the infrastructure at the Glenreagh end of the line as well as small mud slip near Lowanna.

The section of railway track between Tullawudjah Creek and Moleton suffered some major damage.

Glenreagh Mountain Railway staff couldn’t believe the power of the floods that tossed large numbers of 250kg concrete sleepers and sections of rail downstream twisting them around trees as if they were plastic pipes. Further up the hill large landslides and damage to this section brings into question how stable the track is for any future heavy rail vehicles.

The damage at Lowanna is minor and Glenreagh Mountain Railway is applying for Disaster Funding for these repairs.

This natural disaster has created an opportunity to create a Nature Trail on a section of land from Glenreagh to Moleton. This Nature Trail will allow for both bicycles and walkers to explore the rainforest, both tunnels and amazing views of that section of track. This Nature Trail will generate income and employment for the local community and provide a tourist draw card to the North Coast.

Glenreagh Mountain Railway as the land manager for this land is keen to hear from interested parties or businesses who wish to be involved in a steering committee to drive this project forward. Glenreagh Mountain Railway is willing to lease that section of the land to allow it be community open space for the establishment of a Nature Trail.

Please register your interest via email: [email protected] Glenreagh Mountain Railway will contact you with a planned date and location of the first meeting.

For further information on these types of Trails:

Stewart Mackie