Community News

Grafton CWA meeting

Our last meeting was held on April 8 at the CWA rooms, with acknowledgement to the country and singing the national anthem CWA motto, and a moments silence.

There were 13 members present and six apologies were received.

On Monday March 28 a very special morning tea was held in our CWA rooms Mrs Val Woods celebrating her 100th Birthday.

Mrs Wood received a letter from State President Stephanie Stanhope congratulating Mrs Wood on her wonderful achievement in CWA and ongoing serving member in the community.

Congratulations were also received from State Member, and the Federal Member. Mrs Wood was also presented with a bouquet of flowers, a 100-year badge from CWA and a lovely birthday cake.

Morning tea was served by CWA members.

On Wednesday March 16, a Group Cookery and Handicraft Day was held at Glenreagh, which was a very successful day Grafton Branch.

Members gained places in cooking and handicraft, gaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in both categories. Trophies were awarded for outstanding achievements.

Grafton CWA branch will be displaying handicraft articles, cooking books, and CWA journals, using “Eye Care Plus” shop window to display the articles which the general public appreciates. This display will be put in place on Friday April 22.

Next meeting will be held Friday May 13, morning tea will be served at 9am, meeting to commence at 10am.

Handicraft was held on Monday April 11 however due to Anzac Day on Monday April 25; handicraft has been cancelled.

Carol Smith