Facts and Truths


The good thing about Ray Smiths climate rant (CVI 13/3/24) is that it does contain at least one undeniable fact – “CO2 is not a pollutant”.

Rather it is a naturally occurring atmospheric component and is a key link in the Carbon Cycle – the very basis of life on the planet.

However, during Ray’s lifetime, human activity has increased CO2 from under 300ppm to around 420ppm.

Even though CO2 is rare – i.e. 0.042% – it is a potent greenhouse gas so the 30% increase in CO2 has raised average earth air temperature more than 1degC. to date.

This increase means a significant increase in atmospheric water vapour and energy content.

In turn, this increases the risk of serious weather events.

In the 1970’s the Board of Exxon-Mobil was warned that global warming had become measurable.

The response of Big Oil was immediate – big dollars were set aside for fossil fuel scientists to come up with an ‘alternative narrative’.

This narrative was quickly adopted by climate sceptics, conservative media (e.g. Sky News) and sponsored ‘think tanks'(e.g. our very own IPA).

Luckily for CVI readers, Ray has presented us with his version of the scientific mumbo-jumbo that is all part of the alternative narrative.

And who would be the conspiratorial “fools” whom Ray so derides?

These would include: – NOAA (USA weather bureau); London Met. (UK weather bureau); our very own CSIRO and BoM and virtually every Science Faculty across the Aussie education spectrum – Good luck with that Ray!

Ted Strong, Seelands