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Pisey & Leslie Fischer and loving dog Choc. Image: Contributed

Every bottle counts!

Local support is what helps to keep the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter flying and never was this highlighted more than the donation of $5,520 that was made during the week prior to Christmas from South Grafton couple Pisey & Lesley Fischer (and loving dog Choc) along with help from their close friend Max Oxenbridge who they describe as ‘a gentleman of the earth’.

This support was raised through the collection of thousands of empty recyclable bottles and cans this year that were converted to cash through their local recycling program.

Spokesperson for the Rescue Helicopter Service, Zeke Huish remarked “This donation is almost unthinkable when you imagine how many recycled bottles and cans it must have taken to raise this kind of support, let alone the hours involved to collect and process them all”.

“It was staggering to hear that Pisey goes around South Grafton twice a day, seven days a week to collect and recycle what he can”.

“We can’t thank Pisey, Leslie and Max enough for their time and support to make this generous donation possible along with everyone that supported their fundraising efforts with their empty bottles” acknowledged Mr Huish.