Concerning Lawrence


It is well known that Lawrence is the forgotten town by the council of the Clarence Valley.

Very rare is it seen that any council work is done in this town and when it is, it is very little. 

They have in the last year or so put in on Richmond Street a couple of 50 kph speed signposts with a concrete strip around them for a garden or something, but only weeds have grown up in them.

Not only that but they have taken away the only toilet that could be used by the voluntary people who maintain and keep the town cemetery in first class condition, which means there will be no available toilets for the people who attend a funeral.

Grafton Council say that they cannot afford to put in a septic but don’t stall when it comes to putting up the rates.

Another thing they do is not follow up on DA’s and septic tanks being installed, some in this area are six years behind.

I think the council should do much better than this for Lawrence.

R Brasington, Lawrence