Celebrating acts of good


This week (National Volunteer Week, May 21 to 27) we’re saying a huge thank you to the people who take action and make our country a happier place.

Volunteering happens in all kinds of ways. Like the simple act of sharing a social media post about supporting newly-arrived migrants which, when thousands of others share, can have a huge impact. Other kinds of volunteering require a bigger commitment, like driving elderly isolated people to regular medical appointments and social outings, and can have a profound effect on the lives of individuals.

At Australian Red Cross, volunteers are a lot like our engine room; they support communities when natural disasters hit, make daily phone calls to isolated people, greet customers to our op shops, donate blood, and fundraise for us. This week we’re celebrating not just our volunteers in New South Wales, but everyone who takes action to make our society stronger, more connected and supportive. 

Thank you for your generosity and making New South Wales and Australia a better place. Find out more about volunteering at redcross.org.au/volunteer 

Jody Broun
Director, Red Cross in New South Wales