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The 2022 Grafton Show official party proudly smile for the cameras following the official ceremony on Day 1 of the Grafton Show last week. Image: Emma Pritchard

Candidates show plenty of inspiration

Emma Pritchard


When Reny Dooley, 18, made up her mind to challenge herself and try something completely outside of her comfort zone earlier this year, she decided to nominate for 2022 Woman of the Land at the Grafton Show.

After she was announced as the winner and presented with her sash during the official ceremony on May 6, Day 1 of the 2022 Grafton Show, the local teenager said she knew her decision had been a good one.

“I was really happy to win,” she said graciously.

“I’m looking forward to working hard and trying more new things.”

Emily Skarott was announced as the 2022 Woman of the Land runner-up, while highly commended was awarded to Bri Green.

After impressing everyone with her poise and confidence, Sallie Miller was announced as the 2022 Junior Grafton Showgirl.

Equal second was presented to Charlie Lloyd and Cassidi Hallam.

Describing herself as very excited following the ceremony, Elly Huntley was announced as the 2022 Tween Grafton Showgirl.

Morganne Arthur-Brooks was announced as the 2022 Tween Grafton Showgirl runner-up, and highly commended was awarded to Harper Frost.

Caleb Foster was a popular winner of the 2022 Boy of the Barn title while fellow contestants Teddy Huntley, Shepherd Frost and Hunter Frost offered their congratulations.

During their acceptance speeches, the young ladies and young men acknowledged their fellow nominees and thanked the Grafton Show Society, including coordinator Carmell Sanne for their help and assistance.

Ms Dooley also acknowledged the sponsors of the 2022 Grafton Show and to everyone who made the event possible this year.

President of the Grafton Show Rex Green spoke highly of the 2022 candidates, describing them proudly as inspirational representatives of the local community.