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Bringing home the reality of a housing crisis

A slightly off-beat addition has emerged in the Grafton circuit of houses decorated each year with Christmas lights.

Tucked in between the shops in a lane behind Fitzroy Street, an old station wagon is draped in fairy lights and festive décor.
The display highlights the reality for an increasing number of people in our community who struggle to find a place to live or who cannot afford to keep a roof over their heads.

Anglicare North Coast CEO Leon Ankersmit says ‘Our installation called Home for Christmas uses the festive trend to decorate our homes to remind ourselves that too many people have no option but to live in their car. Homelessness takes various forms, but the common thread is that not everyone has a fixed address’.

‘We hope that the community of Grafton will appreciate this reminder to think of those who are less fortunate during the festive season, and that this will promote social cohesion between the different segments of our community.’

‘Anglicare North Coast is a truly local charity. We were established in the Clarence Valley in 1999 to respond to these issues, and we continue to do so given the harsh realities of housing unaffordability.’

The Home for Christmas installation will be celebrated with a Jolly Free Breakfast for the Grafton community from 8am on Christmas eve.