Braves have a hit at last

Tuesday January 21

Hi everyone, good to see you all at the Maclean Golf Club on Tuesdays after all the wet weather has settled. The latest game, on a soggy course, was won by the mercurial Dr John (17 points) in a draw for first place with up and coming (speedy) Clem Rhoden. They took home the gift wrapped homemade shortbread (thanks Margie Worrall) and the Bull Oak (appropriately pronounced – Bloke) Pinot Noir. Tasty prizes last week.

Third place went to Rod Dee who by his own admission didn’t play as well as he wished scoring 16 points and taking home the small pack of shortbread and Yamba Cinema pass.

We won’t mention any other scores and its best left a mystery, as we played the championship pin placements from the weekend and all of us suffered. There were lots of cries of despair and other anguished calls ringing through the glen as the morning wore on.

However, lets not forget one memorable achievement by Mr T. Wright, carving his name into both NTPs on the day. Trev managed 1.5metres on both approaches to collect the chocolates and chutney prize… we’ll hear how that went next meeting on Tuesday… dipped or dunked?

Thanks to our sponsors Caperberry Cafe, Munro Machines (for your golf cart services), Yamba Cinema, Tartan Pizza and the Italian on the Hill restaurant. See you every Tuesday 8 – 8.30am at the MCGC, just $3 (green-fees excluded) to play with us.

Happy New Year to all.

Gary Taylor