General News

ARR NEWS 8.7.24

  1. What was Henry Hudson looking for when his crew mutinied and sent him adrift, never to be seen again?
  2. What is the capital of Puerto Rico?
  3. In 2022 what was Australia’s most popular baby boy name beginning with L?
  4. If you sailed directly west from Lima at which country would you first make landfall?
  5. Which Australian state has the most pubs per capita?
  6. What is the female equivalent of a duke?
  7. What yellow bird is named after a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean?
  8. What 2005 animated movie is named after an island in the Indian Ocean?
  9. What word starts with a V and has two consecutive U’s?
  10. What country does Gouda cheese come from?
  11. What is the largest country that doesn’t share a land border with any other country?
  12. Which Australian city is home to Denmark’s Queen Mary?
  13. Which two cities, none of them Australian are mentioned in the Men At Work song Down Under?
  14. What animal is very common in European heraldry, despite being extinct in Europe for at least 1000 years?
  15. What is the longest mountain chain on Earth, not counting underwater ranges?
  16. Whose summer retreat is located at Castel Gandolfo, about 25 km southeast of Rome?
  17. What word means to sail all the way around something, such as the world for example?
  18. Which charity is the leading facilitator of Australian blood donations?
  19. What movie’s main character is named Michael J. Dundee?
  20. According to Guinness, what is the best-selling book of all time?



ANSWERS: 1.The Northwest Passage 2.San Juan 3.Leo 4.Australia 5.Tasmania 6.Duchess 7.Canary 8.Madagascar 9.Vacuum 10.Netherlands 11.Australia 12.Hobart 13.Brussels and Bombay (i.e., Mumbai) 14.Lions 15.The Andes 16.The Pope’s 17.Circumnavigate 18.Australian Red Cross 19.Crocodile Dundee 20.The Bible