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A walk from Woody Head


Woody Head campground is a splendid, well-shaded, peaceful, beachside campground, much loved by locals and interstate tourists who revisit again and again.

There already is a designated bicycle lane linking Woody Head to Iluka but I do wonder in the lead-up to our Local Government election next month, how much importance our present and prospective council candidates place in the suggestion for the establishment of a designated walking track from Woody Head to Iluka.

Such a walking track was initially discussed many years ago. Has this idea still generated no more than a lot of hot air locally, for when worthwhile, progressive ideas are put forward, even global, international conferences can result in not much more than a lot of hot air?

Today many parents are concerned at the amount of time their children spend on computer games and unless their children  participate in organised sport, can safely ride a bicycle or have a large skateboard park nearby, their children have very little physical activity. 

And this is where walking tracks are so useful; not just for grey nomads who might find a walk along a beach heavy going but for families with children who don’t have bikes.

So what do you Councillors think, for we’ll be voting for you on behalf of our children and grandchildren in today’s so very different world?

Harry Johnson, Iluka