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Maclean High School

A+ for community kindness to Maclean High School

Emma Pritchard

A kind and considerate gesture by the Maclean RSL Sub-Branch will help make life a little less stressful for local Year 12 students as they put pen to paper and commence their HSC exams this week.

With construction work currently underway near Maclean High School, President of the Maclean RSL Sub-Branch Stephen Walton said members collectively agreed to offer their building in River Street to the high school free of charge as a community service to allow pupils to sit for their exams in peace and quiet.

“The poor HSC students have been put out so much by Covid-19 interruptions, we wanted to try and help make things a bit easier for them heading into their exams,” he said.

“I understand there’s a bit of construction going on near the high school, and that can be distracting for the students.

“We were in a position to provide the hall to them, and it was the right thing to do.”

Mr Walton said there is a long and proud association between Maclean High School and the Maclean RSL Sub-Branch.

Each year, members of the Maclean RSL Sub-Branch, including veterans and ex-defence force personnel, attend Anzac Day commemorative services at the high school and dedicate their time to interacting with the students.

Maclean High School Business Manager Jackie Sykes is extremely grateful to the Maclean RSL Sub-Branch for their generosity.

She said it’s important for the students to have a safe and quiet area in which to complete their exams.

The building is also large enough to accommodate students according to Covid-19 restrictions.

“We would just love to thank them for allowing us to hold our HSC exams in their hall,” she said appreciatively.

Staff from Maclean High School and members of the Maclean RSL Sub-Branch got together earlier this week to set up the building prior to the beginning of the 2021 HSC.

Up to 90 Year 12 students from Maclean High School will complete their HSC exams between November 11 and December 6.

Mr Walton said he and the other members of the Maclean RSL Sub-Branch wish the students every success.