98% of all scientists now believe in climate change



There is nothing more boring than people belabouring an issue long after people with better things to do wander off to have a beer or take the dog for a walk or whatever. However, I just have to have another wee mention of climate change and disbelievers.  

I wouldn’t base my opinions on anything based on my own experience, because I can easily wander into a room and not remember why I went there. That’s why I have to base my opinions on the advice of other people who have demonstrably proved that they are educated, well travelled, have many interactions of a lively manner with other actively minded people and don’t let their ego get in the way of changing their minds when it becomes obvious their previous beliefs need the odd tweak.

I have long been in love with David Attenborough. He’s been everywhere on land, sea and space, is educated, socially active, has a wide collegiate cohort and is compassionate about sharing his experiences and knowledge to educate others. He has also been telling the world for about thirty years that human interruption of the Earth’s structures will ultimately lead to disastrous climatic events.

IPCC is a politically appointed body….well I guess any arranged gathering of people for whatever reason has to have a political aspect as it is the Governments of the day who influence whether they exist or not. Everything has a political basis as it is Governments that rule the world, in terms of monies allocated to what, who is allowed to work and have power, and what is considered important or against the country’s laws. But something like 98% of all scientists now believe in climate change, so are we to infer that ALL of those scientists have the same political leaning? What is it? I’d like to vote the way they do.

Jocelyn Wrench, Iluka