IPCC and climate change



Ray Smith (CVI 13/4/22) is obviously erudite and science savvy but in relation to global warming he is simply wrong.
His ‘techspert’ slant on climate change is most likely based on a publication – ‘Unstoppable Global Warming’ – which is largely derided by mainstream science and is not supported by peer reviewed literature.
Calling the IPCC, a ‘politically appointed body’ is a favourite climate sceptic tactic to belittle its conclusions – in fact, it is made up of the most august meteorologists/climatologists from around the globe and its findings are based on thousands of peer reviewed works generated worldwide – papers may be contradictory but as long as they are peer reviewed, they are considered.
Here in Australia IPCC conclusions are wholeheartedly ratified by CSIRO and the BOM.
The exclusivity of the IPCC is based on peer review so that crackpot alternatives do not get a trundle and rightly so, much to the chagrin of bitterly complaining, populist sceptics everywhere.


Ted Strong, Seelands