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50 years for Maclean District Historical Society

A public meeting was held Thursday 16th October 1969 for the purpose of the adoption of a constitution and election of officers. The society formed is to be known as Maclean District Historical Society. John Baxter being the inaugural president.

Located on the corner of Wharf Street and Grafton Street, the Stone Cottage Museum was originally the home of Johann Georg Schaefer and was built between 1879-1889.

On October 19 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary at the Museum. It was a very successful day, good weather and plenty of company. We have estimated that over 100 people were in attendance throughout the course of the day. The largest concentration of visitors attended the formal proceedings at 11am. Welcome to country was performed by Kerri McLeay. Edith Dobbin, current president of the Society, welcomed all visitors and gave an insight into the Museum over the years.

Jim Simmons, CVC Council Mayor, John Wells and Steve Tranter, both past presidents of the society, also spoke. The winners of the colouring in competition were then presented with their prizes. The Society was pleased with the quality of the entries from the primary school children. The cutting of the anniversary cake completed the ceremony.

The Museum will be closed for its summer break commencing on Wednesday December 18 until Tuesday January 14. Our members have earned a break and will be back brighter than ever in the new year. We are always on the lookout for new members to assist us in our work, the collection of records and the preserving of historical documents and being able to showcase the items to the public.

Ken Muller