Westlawn golf

I must apologise that there has been no Westlawn news for the last two weeks but I have been away out west on holiday but I am back.

From what I have seen of the results of the Grafton Chiropractic Centre’s Club Championships for the last two weeks, next week’s final round is going to be an exciting conclusion with all three grades still up for grabs, I cannot see a single player in any grade that has an unsurmountable lead. Good luck to all players in the final round.

Just be aware that there may be changes to your starting times next Sunday for the final round, as the top four players in each grade usually play together.

I have not heard of any Waterboys from last Sunday but I have been informed of a few from Sunday 19including Paul McFarlane on the 9th, Ron Jenkin on the 7th and 9th, Bob Tyler on the 7th, Jason Casserly on the 9th and Allan Atkinson on the 7th. There is a report that that was Acco’s fourth for the day but I will have to confirm with him next week. Welcome to the Club gentlemen.

Next week is a Stroke event for the final round of the Grafton Chiropractic Centre’s Club Championships in conjunction with the Ron Wykes and Trevor Coleman sponsored monthly medal. Starters will be R Tangye and G Jackson with D Tasker to handle the results.

Sunday June 9 will be a Single Stableford event in conjunction with the Fairfield R.S.L. Social Golf Club visit. Starters will be P Curd and R Rodd with M Newman to handle the results.

Dave Lynch