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Maclean’s Top Pub was a hive of activity last week as scaffolding was erected in preparation for a new roof. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Top Pub gets a new roof

Lynne Mowbray Maclean’s heritage listed ‘Top Pub’ the Maclean Hotel has taken on a totally new look as scaffolding was erected last week in preparation for its new roof. Jack McIntyre and Monique Barrowcliff took over the lease of the hotel around four years ago. Jack said that they were able to do several renovations during the COVID lockdown and replacing the rusty roof was always in the plan, it was just a matter of finding the right time. “The work is planned to take around four to six weeks to complete,” Jack said. “We’re hoping on four, but that all depends on rain. “The scaffolding at the front and the side of the building will only be up for a couple of weeks, so that it doesn’t impact too much on customers. “During the replacement of the roof the carpark behind the hotel has been closed, however the hotel will remain open for business throughout the renovations,” he said. Jack said that apart from the roof being replaced any other work that needs to be done up there, will be. “There’s painting, guttering, plumbing eg old pipes are going to be fixed and renovations on our water systems,” Jack said. “The roof will be galvanised and the gutters will be painted green. “We’re trying to keep it as close as possible to what it was, because it’s a nice style of building,” he said.