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Catch 2019 Gold Logie winner and comedian Tom Gleeson perform his new stand-up comedy show “Gear” at the Saraton Theatre, Grafton, on November 25. Image: contributed.

Tom Gleeson’s “Gear” stand-up Saraton comedy

Rodney Stevens


Gold Logie 2019 winner and comedian Tom Gleeson returns to Grafton for his second ever performance at the Saraton Theatre on Saturday, November 25, featuring all new material in his stand-up comedy show “Gear”.

The career comedian told the CV Independent he called the show “Gear” because that’s what comedians refer to as their material, and this national tour features all new “Gear” he has written himself.

“Sometimes you’ll say to a comedian, I’m going to try out some new “Gear” tonight, so this is essentially my new gear, my new show,” he said.

“I share a lot of my dodgy opinions, which provoke the crowd and make them upset.

“I tell them a few tall stories about revenge, and I’ve got a story about my Volvo and how I caught someone trying to steal it in the Melbourne CBD.

“Then I get to the end of the show, and I invite everybody to tell me what they did and didn’t believe and then everyone can heckle me before they go.”

While he was aware Grafton just celebrated Australia’s oldest floral festival, the Jacaranda Festival, Mr Gleeson said he didn’t have any “Gear” about the Clarence Valley.

“If the area is entertained by a tree, hopefully they can be entertained by a comedian,” he laughed.

“I’m sure the Jacaranda Festival is very exciting, but I’m sure I’m more exciting than that.

“Stand up is my specialty… Television is a beautiful distraction but I’m looking forward to getting back to doing what I do best.

“Poking and provoking a live crowd.”

The host of ABC’s Hard Quiz and Network Ten’s Taskmaster said he is looking forward to performing at the Saraton and hoped to have Clarence Valley locals in stitches of laughter.

“Last time I came to the Saraton Theatre it was in 2020 and I was the only comedy tour happening in Australia at the time after the pandemic, and if I remember correctly, we were only allowed to sell the Saraton Theatre to 50 per-cent capacity,” he said.

“This time we will be able to sell the Saraton Theatre to 100 per-cent capacity and I’d love to see it full.”

Performing at the State Heritage listed Saraton Theatre, which was built in 1925 is a special memory for Mr Gleeson.

“The Saraton Theatre is beautiful, this is my first time back, so I’m looking forward to performing there because it is a beautiful space and it had the balcony at the back, backstage was great and the staff there were very friendly and really accommodating,” he said.

“It was actually a really special time because everybody was excited to be back at work…but even though I took a hit because I was performing to 50 per-cent crowds, I figured if I can’t get the live theatre back happening, who can.”

Tom Gleeson performs Gear on Saturday, November 25, from 7pm, and tickets are available from $54.90 at