To The Editor

As the Gulfstreams, Lear jets and Cessna’s, park in the late autumn coolness at airports around Glasgow, what is the purpose. As the leaders of the free world gather over their cocktails and pheasant dinners to discuss the doom, gloom, and destruction of the world one must wonder what they might achieve.

With teenagers gathering in the streets shouting Blah Blah Blah, England’s Prime Minister shouting the world’s end, the leader of the Free world hardly stringing words together as his minder shakes him awake just so he can tell us what bad children we are and insisting we spend billions of tax payers dollars to achieve the unachievable….. We must despair for the future of the world and our planet


Mother nature will have the last say not these imbecilic idiots who wouldn’t know climate change if they fell over it. We all want a cleaner greener environment, when China, India, Russia, Iran, and the world come together, then let’s have a forum to discuss a better future.

Plenty of noise, plenty of puff and a lot of irrelevance.

The climate change industry is worth billions who are the beneficiaries? Follow the money