The real division



A response to Warren Rackham’s letter last week (CVI 18/10/23), “Thank goodness it’s over”.

Yes, Mr Rackham, you not only risk criticism but deserve criticism from all quarters for your comments.

Our Prime Minister simply followed his commitment to conduct the referendum.

Yes, division has occurred in the Australian community.

The real division is between those Australians who have had lived and worked a real experience with Indigenous Australians in their local communities, urban, regional and remote and those Australians who have no idea of conditions that exist in Indigenous Australian communities.

Rather than division, 40 per cent of Australians supported the YES vote and they will now be a major factor in supporting Indigenous Australians in their future policy and strategic plans.

As to your comments about spending/accountability we could say the same about all levels of local, state and federal government.

It is not constructive to pick on the wounded seagull.

Bruce Price, Angourie