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A scary… and uncertain new world

For the past 26 years the Clarence Valley Independent (formerly the Review) has been a reliable source of news and information for the entire community. We have been at the forefront of providing a news and information platform for local community, sporting and recreational groups and we have fearlessly reported on important issues of a local interest. We have also provided businesses with a viable advertising medium and we have hopefully assisted in the growth of our local businesses.

In these very dire times, like most businesses we will battle for survival. The Clarence Valley Independent has managed tough times in the past; we came out of the other side of the global financial crises of 2007/2008 bruised but relatively unscathed.

The COVID-19 emergency is something completely different and the economic ramifications are and will continue to be horrendous.
Management must do all it can to come out of the other side of this situation equally unscathed…a very big ask indeed. But try we will; we must make every effort to save the jobs of the our very loyal staff.
Last Christmas we flagged that we were about to phase in the end of household delivery. We saw the delivery of the newspaper wrapped in single use plastic as unsustainable.

Because of the current COVID-19 emergency, that move has been bought forward and expanded upon. To this end we have made the very unpleasant decision to cease publication of the printed form of the newspaper at this time.
This edition is the last to be delivered to households, it will also be unavailable through collection points in arcades, shopping centres or retail outlets.

The Clarence Valley Independent will continue to be published in digital form. We will continue to accept contributed news and information from local clubs and organisations and we promise to publish news in the same unbiased and authoritative manner as we have done for over a quarter of a century.

But most importantly, we will rely on the loyalty of businesses and readers in the Valley to help keep us operating.
By continuing to advertise and access news from our digital platform you will not only help us, but many other businesses who will struggle over the coming months.

The Clarence Valley Independent is on the verge of significantly upgrading our digital platform. This change has been in the pipeline for a number of months and within a few weeks readers logging onto our website and social media will see some major new initiatives. For advertisers these changes will open new doors to significant new markets and a new way of doing business.

For community contributions of news and reports, the system remains the same; simply email your report to [email protected]
For advertising you can call 6646 9466 or 0438 361 340 or email [email protected]
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