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Ramblers camp at Taylors Arm

 With the threat of rain, cold weather etc, the recent weekend outing turned out to be quite nice, although the nights were very cold.

Thirteen units came with 25 people, some from the tag-a-long and others arrived on Thursday and Friday.

The Taylors Arm reserve was a particularly good venue, nice and flat and with clean toilets and a bar-b-que area. The road going from Macksville to the village was interesting, very hilly, and windy with part of the road washed away from the floods earlier in the year.

Saturday morning, we played raffle dice with Belinda (who was broke most of the time) winning, (at one time Judy had 13 coins in front of her), and in the afternoon out came the golf putter and stick for a game. I am certain that whoever set the course up had definite evil ideas.

On the first hole, some went into the bush and others near the so- called hole, this was a plastic round thing which you had to hit through, of course if the ball stayed in the container you then, had to push it out, so that was another stroke, you then putted to the next hole (an aluminium plate in the ground) and when you did that, putt to another little hole. That undid a few takers.

Two players had to play off as they both got 11, with Shirley coming out on top.

Before we went out for tea Terry C got the bar-b-que fire going and some of us gathered around talking and enjoying the warmth. The pub was well patronised with drinks and meals, with Saturday night being the night we all went over and enjoyed the warmth and companionship around the tables. When we came back Gary and Terry B once more stoked the fire and several of us had a nice time talking and keeping warm with Ellie bringing out the marshmallows.

Next month’s camp is at the Lismore caravan park with the general meeting being held on Saturday afternoon.


Judy Boatswain