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Mayor Jim Simmons

Prostate partners support forum

Lynne Mowbray|

A Prostate Cancer Partner’s Support Forum (PCPSF) is being launched on Thursday February 4 at 6pm, at the Maclean Bowling Club.

CVC mayor Jim Simmons, Dr Robin Mathews, Aboriginal representatives and Jim Lloyd (PCFA Sydney) will be in attendance at the inaugural launch of this important forum for Clarence Valley residents.

Brushgrove resident Glad Smith, said that she organised this forum as she felt there was a need for partners of men diagnosed with Prostate issues, to know there is support and information available for them.

“When a man has prostate issues, the focus is on the patient and quite often the partner feels alone, confused and sometimes just needs to be able to talk to others to get help and information on how they coped and to also understand how important their role is, as a carer,” Glad said. 

“It is also a low-key forum for partners to learn about prostate issues and to discuss topics such as: what to look for, when should men be tested and how is this done etc.

Glad said that the idea to form this group came after she met a lady whose husband had a prostate issue and did not get it seen to until after his urine retention had already affected his kidneys. 

“Unfortunately, this lady was unaware of the signs and of what to look out for, which could have pointed out that her husband had an issue,” she said.

Glad and her husband Rick, have been involved with prostate cancer support and awareness for the last six- years through the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club, which raises funds and awareness for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. 

“Rick was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in 2019 and it was quite a daunting experience and journey for us, from the diagnosis, decisions, the operation and relationship adjustments, at that time. 

“There is a lot of information available on prostate cancer, but it is still nice to know how others coped.

“It is so beneficial to be able to have a chat, to help you get through the physical and emotional side-effects and to be able to exchange ideas with others who have been there,” she said.

The PCPSF will be held every three months at venues in Yamba, Iluka, Grafton and Maclean to cater for Clarence Valley residents.

“We would love to see men, women, older children and health professionals come along to the inaugural launching at the Maclean Bowling Club, to meet Doctor R Mathews, Aboriginal health professionals and support people and pick-up some literature or ask questions regarding prostate issues.  

“There will also be a box available for anonymous questions for those who may feel uncomfortable to discuss prostate issues,” she said. 

Glad wishes to acknowledge the Maclean Bowling Club and thank them for their support and use of a conference room, for the launch of this important event for the Clarence Valley.