Park Avenue – Yamba’s 4.5 metres of fill


I am calling on our local Member of Parliament, Mr Richie Willimson to take up the following matter and present it to the people who make the rules.

There is an alternative solution to relieve the residents of Yamba from having to put up with the 2600 truck and dog trailer movements to supply the 4.5 metres for Park Avenue. 

The answer is to use the sand from the river which is delivered to site by pipes eliminating most of the truck movements.

In the last few years there has been a dredge working the river, collecting the sand, and dumping it out over the bar (what a waste).

This sand could be pumped to the Park Ave site as it is not far from the river.

If my memory serves me correctly there was a sand dredge in the river that pumped sand to the new industrial estate and other places, which eliminates most of the truck movements.

We would ask Mr Willimson to take up this matter to the Government department who make the rules and let common sense prevail. 

I am sure most of the residents of Yamba would back Mr Willimson on this matter.

David Barnsley, Yamba