Palm Lake golf

A good roll up for our 9-hole Stableford round but we had to stay on the back nine as the CHS competition took legitimate precedence for their 18 holes.

Ken Hall, after scoring 20 points for 18 holes the day before rectified the situation with a great 22 points to win the day – Oh what a difference a day makes! Second was Paul Christie on 21 and third Bruce Douglass with 20. Bruce must have made some amazing recovery shots as I was playing in the group behind, and he was forever appearing out of the trees. I suppose I now have to tell the story of my start to the round. First shot into the water to the right of the 10th. Dropped another ball and hit it across the green into the water behind the green for a wipe. My drive on the 11th was topped straight into the dam – 3 new balls in 3 strokes! Fortunately, my game did improve from there – it needed to.

NTPs saw Chris Sharp put his close on the 10th, Keith Britton on the 12th and Ray Stevens on the long 17th.

We hope the weather allows us to return to our normal schedule in May, giving us the variety, we all enjoy.

Peter Jarma