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Osprey RSL Day Club

Compared to most parts of the nation we should be very grateful that we are not suffering in lock down, and we can enjoy our freedom. Please may it continue; it only takes one thoughtless individual to flaunt the law and threaten the safety of all those people trying desperately to do the right thing.

Last week we welcomed our new bus driver John, and we are ever so grateful that he has agreed to give of his time for the happiness of others. It will be as rewarding for him as it will be a God send for our members who rely on the bus to get them to and from their homes to Osprey. Thankyou John, we are most appreciative; and thank you too to The Independent for publishing our story and helping us to find John. If there are any other wonderful people out there who would also like to volunteer at Osprey, please contact us as you would be most welcome indeed. If so ring Leanne on 0413 101 518.

I heard the cheer go up when we announced no exercises last week. Lazy little wretches! But you’ll be sorry. When you start participating in our Olympics in October you will be out of puff on the first hurdle and wonder why. And guess what? You probably won’t have exercises next week either as I will be away. Is that another cheer I hear?

The trivia was exceptional again and loads of fun. Bingo prizes were doubled for some lucky winners and once again I didn’t get a look in. In fact, I can’t take a trick and some people (like Barbara) keeps winning the Coles vouchers, and then has the hide to draw her mate’s ticket out for a free day at Osprey! If it happens next week, take a swab. Tom won the wine and Beryl scooped the pick-a-box winning a free day at Osprey. We also had a quick game of heads and tails, and Sean was the last man standing and he won a box of chocs.

It was lovely to see Shirley return to the fold. You are like a breath of fresh air Shirley, and I love hearing your lifetime adventures. Please continue to write that book….and don’t leave out any saucy bits either; that’s what makes a best seller. Our love and thoughts go to Pete, Maxine, Heather and Allen who have been subjected to lock down for several weeks now. It won’t be long now, and you will be able to join us again. Just keep practising your sprints, no need to use the starting blocks as we don’t have enough anyway.

Sue Gunning