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New blood sought for shoebox appeal

The Combined Churches Ladies Fellowship of Maclean is asking people to come forward to continue the administration of the Lower Clarence Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Appeal. An open day is being held at the Baptist Church in Scullin Street, Townsend, on Tuesday August 8 at 2pm, for people interested in helping with this year’s collection.
Coordinator Glenys Irons says that the boxes are distributed to “children who have never before received a gift, who have probably never owned anything. For those children who have never had toys, receiving a ball, a bag of balloons, marbles or a whistle … and many other things our imagination can provide; it is truly wonderful for them.” Image: Contributed.

Over the past decade, Clarence Valley people have supported the Combined Churches Ladies Fellowship of Maclean’s Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Appeal – but the time has come for new blood to continue the fellowship’s good work.
Glenys Irons has been the driving force behind the appeal, which has regularly filled between 600 and 800 shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child initiative.
“Owing to age and health issues, a new organisation is being set up for a specific purpose,” she said.
“We are asking that a new co-ordinator (male or female) be found: could this be you?
“We are organising an open day at the Baptist Church in Scullin Street, Townsend [on Tuesday August 8 at 2pm] for those interested in helping with this year’s collection.
“The Queensland Samaritan’s Purse manager, Trevor Morris, and ladies fellowship members will be on hand to ensure this important children’s charity continues.
“The Lower Clarence has always embraced this appeal, and I’m sure we all want it to continue, but the time has come for important change.
“Boxes will be available on the day, to officially open the 2017 appeal.”
Ms Irons thanked the Riverland Travel agency for its long-time support as the drop-off depot in Maclean, which cannot continue with that function.
“All churches and participating schools will operate as usual,” she said, “and the new collection point in Maclean is now the Baptist Church in Townsend.
“The Presbyterian opportunity shop in Coldstream Street will continue as the Yamba drop-off depot.”
For more information about how the Operation Christmas Child initiative works; go to: