Maclean Vets golf

Last Monday September 27, the Maclean Vets held a single Stableford which attracted another excellent field of 64 starters.

Kate Hemmy came out the winner after an excellent 43 points. Well done Kate. Runner up was Phil Robinson with 40 points followed by David Lorenzo also with 40 points. There was a 3rd person to finish with 40; Kim Wiblen, however Kim had to settle for a ball in the ball rundown.

Others to win a club ball were Liama Hunter – 39, Peter Saunders-38, Jeannie Doolan and Dave Bryden -37, Terry Mitchell, Chris Forrester, Charlie Allen, Richard Parker and Gunny Dickinson -36 and then all the 35s – John Carlton, Helen McFarlane, Cathy Ayres, Ross Allomes, Col Harvey and Kylie Ryan.

No nearest the pins but these should be back in next game.

After the two rounds of the Championships the top eight to qualify for the Matchplay title are Di Moore and Miles James, Vero Morgan and Richard Parker, Jeannie Doolan and Mark Hemmy and Geoff Grayson and Denis Runge. Round 1 is to be completed by October 25.

The course is looking in great shape, so thanks to all the course staff and volunteers who work so hard to present such a great asset every time we go out and tee off.

Bob Harvey