Maclean ladies tennis

At last social competition for 2021 was held last Thursday beginning with a bit of light misty rain, which cleared for a lovely warm and humid autumn day. 

The results for the day were: Dredge (3 sets, 30 games) to Neill (5 sets, 39 games) and McAulay (6 sets, 37 games) played very well to down Mitchell (2 sets, 34 games).  Thank you to Sandra for filling, and it was lovely to have Kaye, Anne and Jessie back with us. Jenny G, will be enjoying the BWS voucher which she won in the raffle.

We will be playing right through the school holidays to make up the rounds. So next Thursday April 8, McAulay’s team will play McKenzie’s team. Mitchell’s team to play Neill’s team. Dredge’s team will be on the bye.

Enquiries for new players to fill in and if you are unable on the day, please contact Sue on 0408 353 503 or Lynda or Prue.


Prue Harrington