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This eastern bearded dragon was injured on a road near Coutts Crossing and had to be euthanised. Image: contributed

Look out for lizards

Geoff Helisma

Ecologist Greg Clancy, who doubles as one of the valley’s nine councillors, is asking motorists to “slow down” when they see reptiles on the road.

Mr Clancy said he found an injured adult eastern bearded dragon on the road north of Coutts Crossing.
“When I picked it up, to move it from the road, I realised why it had not run off,” he said.
‘Its front feet were stuck in the tar that had melted due to the heat of the day.
“I placed the reptile on a log and phoned WIRES to see if they wanted to check it over.
“They advised me to take it to a vet in Grafton, where it was examined and, due to two breaks in its jaw, it had to be euthanised.”
Dr Clancy said that “spring is the time when reptiles move onto our roads to warm their bodies”.
“Spring is the time that many bearded dragons, eastern blue-tongued lizards, coastal carpet pythons, red-bellied black snakes and other reptiles are killed by vehicles when sunning,” Mr Clancy said.
He urged motorists to “please slow down and attempt to avoid running” over a reptile, and to “drive safely”.