Lack of service

Ed, Former Prime Minister Paul Keating said that Australia was the “arse end of the world” and these many years later one would assume that, after living back in Australia for three months, that he was talking about Grafton and the Wi-Fi and TV service. We live near the base hospital in Queeen Street and cannot get Telstra air, meaning we have to subscribe to a very expensive NBN package or go to the library, and as for the TV reception, when the slightest storm happens, the reception is not existent. The best service is offered by SBS which was a junior party to the ABC. How times have changed. For a city of Grafton’s size how these services are in a such a bad way amazes me. Having lived five hours from Bangkok deep in the country with dirt foads etc we could, at least get Wi-Fi, and TV reception. Peter Brown, Grafton