Is it time?


Well, if the past two weeks of politics in Australia are anything to go by, it certainly looks as if an increasing number of Australian voters believe it’s time for a change at the May election. 

And if 16-year-old Australians were already eligible to vote, the changes in the composition of our next Federal government. would be likely to be even greater.

So, if increasing numbers of our voters decide to change their vote to better reflect their increasing concern about climate change, the increasing concerns of cohorts in our communities who feel they are undervalued by our present decision makers and to better represent the wide range of racial background in Australia, what might our new-look, more progressive Federal government look like?

Is it time for more Independents, more female politicians, younger politicians, more Aboriginals, Greens, and more new politicians from a wider range of racial backgrounds?

And if we vote along the lines of this scenario, which group of our present politicians will be changing their careers after the May election?

After all, the future is what you choose for those you cherish and for those still too young to vote for their futures.

 Harry Johnson, Iluka