Grafton women’s bowl’s

Tuesday October 31

Our 1-day Jacaranda Carnival was held and commenced with a morning tea where the Jacaranda Party & Michael Sear & wife opened the carnival.

Three games of 12 ends & teams of four. Unfortunately, due to the extreme heat the 3rd round had to be cancelled.

Great bowls were played & when all bowlers got back into club in the cool, we all had great lunch & afternoon.


1st Round: winners – Sue Jacquin, Vera Hall, Carol Johnson & Linda Smith.

2nd Round: winners – the District team of Andrea Rudd, Denise McLachlan, Anna Bunn & Marianne Jenner; 2nd – Robyn McPherson, Vicki Beddows, Jeanette Blair & Cathy Gumming’s; 3rd – Dawn Lawson, Carol Power, Shirley Hillier & Lorraine Smith.

Winners: Pauline Ryan, Cheryl Johnson, Wendy Haselum & Vicki Falvey.

Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you to all the

bowlers who joined us at our Jacaranda Carnival. A big thank you to all our sponsors.

Thursday November 2

No bowls as it was Jacaranda Thursday.