Grafton Bridge Club


Tuesday June 22

  1. Helen Niland and Bob Northam; 2. Jenny Sharpe and Geoff Sharpe; 3. Jeanette Bennett and Neil Nagle.

Wednesday June 23

  1. Dawn Rapley and David Tasker; 2. Corrie McGrath and Bob Northam; 3. Robyn Gillett and Beryl Kneale.

Thursday June 24

N/S: 1. Dennis Ford and Carolyn Seymour; 2. Helyn Davison and Ian Huxley; 3. Geoffrey Hiatt and Jenny Sharpe.

E/W: 1. Robyn Gillett and Beryl Kneale; 2. Frank Campbell and Heather Grant; 3. Cheryl Shanley and Frances Hiatt.

Friday June 25

  1. Frances Hiatt and Geoffrey Hiatt; 2. Pam Dougherty and Carolyn Seymour; 3. Peter McGruer and Ian Huxley.


Ian Huxley