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Around 130 people attended the inaugural community dinner held at the Yamba Bowling Club. Image: Lynne Mowbray

For Will, there’s always a way

VIEW clubs of Australia is a leading women’s volunteer organisation and support network that empowers women to have their voices heard, on issues of importance in Australia society. VIEW is proud to be The Smith Family’s single largest community sponsor of Learning for Life Students.

Yamba Evening VIEW Club recently held a community event to shine a light on the issue of poverty and disadvantage, of Australian children.

Around 130 men and women attended the dinner event which was held at the Yamba Bowling Club.

This event gave us the opportunity to share with the community, the work that the VIEW Club does, with The Smith Family, Australia’s largest Children’s Charity, to help break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

This message was most definitely sombre, but one we are passionate about changing.

Guest speaker for the evening was motivational speaker and mountaineer, Will Elrick.

Will’s amazing story had the audience mesmerised.

You could hear a pin drop, as Will described his journey of survival, after receiving horrendous injuries, which were sustained in a motor vehicle accident in 1997.

Will lay in a coma for five weeks and during that time, his heart stopped beating three times.

The accident resulted in the amputation of his right leg from the hip and many other life threatening injuries, his story didn’t end there.

Will’s name became his greatest strength. His ‘will’ to survive, his will to move on and achieve things in his life, which most able bodied people would not dream could be possible.

Not for Will though!

Will’s determination, strength, courage and belief in his ability to do what people told him he couldn’t, was only one of the take away messages for the audience.

Will went on to conquer some of the world’s highest peaks (whilst on crutches). We shared a video of Will climbing Mount Aconcagua 6962m, in Argentina.

It was an incredible and very moving story.

Will reached the summit before the ‘two leggers’, as Will calls us.

His positive attitude and sense of humour despite the adversity he has overcome and continues to overcome as a one legger (Will’s words), was awe-inspiring.

Will told us, “there is always a way; never give up.” 

It’s a message I wish we could get through to each and every family and child, struggling in life.

The audience feedback from his inspiring story has been amazing.

I’d like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who supported our club, in holding this event. It has allowed us to do more to break the cycle of disadvantage in our society, through The Smith Family.

A big shout out and thank you to our committee and members who made Yamba Evening VIEW’s inaugural community event, possible.

Last but not least a special thank you to Will Elrick, for his willingness to share his journey, to motivate and inspire the audience; that whatever happens to you, anything is possible. You just need to find a way.

Karen Toms

Guest speaker Will Elrick shares his moving story with those who attended the Yamba Evening VIEW Clubs inaugural community dinner. Image: Lynne Mowbray