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CVC website hamstrung until…

Geoff Helisma


Clarence Valley Council’s (CVC) acting general manager, Laura Black, has asked people to be “patient”, as CVC staff address “glitches” during the switch to its new website.

In a response to the Independent’s enquiry regarding last week’s story (after the paper went to print), ‘CVC’s new website hits a bump or two’, Ms Black wrote in an emailed response: “The simultaneous upgrade of a number of systems has triggered a technical problem with integration, as explained on the website.

“We are currently implementing an automated report preparation and minute taking system that will link to the website, and historic information upload is currently being undertaken by the system vendor.

“We are also investigating a webcast system that integrates with the website, rather than live screen through facebook.”

However, Ms Black did not respond to this question: “Previously, the public has been able to access all of CVC’s minutes and attachments, why is CVC restricting access to those records, rather than providing links on the website, as it previously did?”

Subsequently, the Independent made a follow-up enquiry and asked, “Could you please clarify whether or not CVC will be reinstating its archive of all of CVC’s meetings and attachments, regarding [your statement], ‘historic information upload is currently being undertaken by the system vendor’?

“If not, could you please explain why?

“If yes, when can the public expect to have access to this data?”

The Independent also invited Ms Black to discuss the issues in a phone conversation, however, she responded: “As indicated below, we have hit a technical glitch with system integration.

“We are currently working through it and intend for documentation to be available shortly.

“In the meantime, we ask that customers contact [our executive support team on 6643 0212] and we will provide what they require.

“A bit of patience is requested.”