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COVID-19 update

Lynne Weir, Acting Chief Executive, Northern NSW Local Health District has thanked residents of Northern NSW who have responded to calls for testing as part of the response to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak in Greater Sydney.

Last week until 19 June, there were 2,584 COVID tests for Northern New South Wales Local Health District residents.

Up until Saturday 26 June, there were 3,611 tests amongst local health district residents. Not all tests are conducted locally, as some residents are tested elsewhere in the State.

On Sunday, 27 June there was further increased testing with 580 tests being conducted at our four hospital testing clinics in Tweed Heads, Lismore, Byron Bay and Grafton.

Anyone experiencing even the mildest of cold-like symptoms should come forward immediately for testing, then isolate until a negative result is received.

We thank people for their patience as there have been some delays at the Byron and Lismore testing clinics. The LHD is allocating additional staff to the clinics to reduce waiting times. Please bring a hat or sun protection and water.

There are also other testing options available in the area. A full list of your nearby testing locations can be found here https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/covid-19/Pages/clinics.aspx

The LHD has implemented additional precautions. All visitors to Northern NSW hospitals must wear a mask before entering facilities and the following visitor restrictions are now in place:

  • Patients can have two visitors twice a day for one hour. The visitors can be four different people.
  • Visiting arrangements for Maternity patients are unchanged.


For outpatient appointments and community services, telehealth appointments are being utilised where possible.

Visitors to Northern NSW who arrived via Gold Coast Airport or Brisbane Airport on the following flights are advised that they must immediately call NSW Health on 1800 943 553, get tested and isolate for 14 days, regardless of the result. PAGE 2 OF 3


A Sydney-based cabin crew member on these flights has been diagnosed with COVID-19. All passengers on affected flights are being contacted. Flight number


Departure location and time

Arrival location and time

VA939 (Virgin)

Friday 25 June

Sydney at 11.51am

Brisbane at 1.25pm

VA517 (Virgin)

Saturday 26 June

Sydney at 11.14am

Gold Coast at 12.40pm