Council rates


It’s a joke to put up rates again after they have been put up by forty percent over the last few years.

It’s clear this council is incompetent and can’t manage money, waste money on consultants, selling off assets cheap like the tourism centre and water board building in Maclean for peanuts. Wasting money on building a new council building in Grafton, not keeping the Grafton pool upgraded, the stuff up of the Shannon Creek Dam and the biggest drama, not lobbying state government for stamp duty from the buying and selling of houses.

Council would have millions in the coffers and would not have to hit ratepayers every year for more rate money to fund infrastructure projects and having to go to state government to ask for grants to fix roads etc etc.

We must vote these people out come September and put a council in that listens to the community, does not go off on self-serving mindless projects we don’t need or want. Well, September elections vote them all out.

Alan Mosley, Yamba