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150gms of plastics picked up during 30 minutes at Pippi Beach. Image: Geoff Dickie

Community asked to help clean Main Beach

Sunday May 8 is Beach Clean-Up Day at 9am,  an event organised by the Lions Club of Yamba, with the help of residents of Yamba and other local community groups.

We will attempt to clean up Main Beach in Yamba and perhaps continue to other important sites that are crucial to our marine, coastal offshore and estuarine life in the Clarence Valley. 

Post floods, the Northern Rivers and its wider community has been flat out cleaning up for those homes affected by the unprecedented flooding in March and April. Many have come forward to assist those who have lost their homes and belongings.

At the same time, the floods have brought much rubbish and chemicals floating down to our river estuaries and towards the sea. River estuaries and beaches have been highly toxic due to sewerage, chemical spills and leakage. The tides and currents also bring in rubbish. 

Therefore,  the Lions Club of Yamba appeals to all who love our marine life and beach fauna to join our May 8th, 2020, Beach Clean-Up Day. Together we will pick up microplastics, rubbish and plastic bags as they look like food to natural wildlife. 

Please meet in front of the Surf Club and come with sneakers or rubber boots, gloves, or long handled tongs and perhaps a bucket to collect your rubbish. There will be some provision of gloves and bags as well. 

Please protect yourself with sunscreen and let us look forward to a super working bee day. The Lions Club of Yamba encourages all Yamba residents with an environmental heart to join the clean-up on May 8.